Craving Something Sweet!

I've been craving cake since two days ago. I don't know why... The first day I didn't buy it because I was sulking. Huhihuhihu. The second day, I actually forgot to buy. 😐
And the funny and weird part was, whenever I thought of the cake, I got really emotional because I couldn't have it.

Hahah, I dont know, but I can be so weird sometimes. No, I mean, c o m p l i c a t e d.


Anyway, harituuu, saya tersangat, tersangatlah craving nak makan ice cream. Saya memang selalu sangat craving. Sampai my mom selalu cakap saya craving macam orang tengah pregnant.


So that one night I asked my friend out. Since dah lamaaaa weolls tak jumpa! Bila dah jumpa macam biasalah, banyak cerita kitaorang share. Especially me! 😂🙊 My friend she doesn't talk much, but she listens more. ❤❤❤ And I like telling her anything because.... well I don't know why!

And because of she listens more, I'll be the one who talks a lot.


When I'm with someone who talks a lot, I'll be the one who listens more.

Entahla. Apa apa jela. 😛

Soooo here are some pictures that I took when I had that yummmss desserts with her and also when I had them with mom and Eisya. Hehe. X

We had all this at Restoran D'Anjung, in Tanah Merah, Kelantan. Harga okay. Sooo if you guys coming here bolehlah try makan kat sini!! 😉😉👌

With my friend. ❤


terliur tengok aiskrim tu *emoji menangis*
C i k R e n e x said…
dik, terliur akk tengok semua gmbr tu.. nasib jauh,kalau dekat, dah pergi da situ. hee