Alone....but cool!😂😉

I don't know what's happening to me these days... I feel like I'm so lonely. No no no, I don't think lonely is the right word! 🤔🤔 Well, read this and then you decide the best word for me ahahah! 😛😘

That day I was waiting for my flight, and yeah I was alone. There were three couples around me, AND YEAH I WAS JUST WAITING ALONE. Hahaha. I yawned for a few times, and omg I was so bored, got nobody to talk to. So I was just looking at people around and thinking "wow everybody is with their bae and being sweet and here I am lalala"

Btw on that day, there was an aunt smiling at me and asking if I was a celebrity.
"Emma?" she asked. Well, I didn't know which Emma she referred to. Haha
 But she was nice, I like. She called me Emma even after knowing that I wasn't Emma. Haha.

So when I got into the flight. GUESS WHAT. I was sitting next to another sweet couple. Hahaha. 😭😭😂😂 They were being so sweet beside me, and I, I was alone. Didn't do or say anything. I was just thinking of how "forever alone" I was. 😂

AND two days ago I was in the car with mom, grandma, aunt, cousin & Eisya. So, mom, aunt and grandma talked about my cousin who is gonna get married next month. They talked about, you know, marriage, and stuff. So what I heard basically, almost, almost everyone (my cousins) now has their own partner and gonna get married. Everytime I heard my grandma and relatives talking about this, I felt like it was quite easy for my relatives to.... you know..... have people to like them. Haha. They are pretty, so yea. :)

I was the driver on that day. I didn't talk much. I focused on my driving, and sometimes I laughed at their funny stories. Anyway my aunt did ask me if I already have someone special........

Hahaha. Sadly no.

And what else. These days I found out a few of my friends finally got into relationships. 😀😀


I takde words nak cakap. Haha. Cuma I macam Wow Good hehe. But yang kelakarnya... yang tak tahulah nak cakap ianya kelakar atau sedih atau apa 😂❤, yesterday or two days ago, I dreamed of bumping into my friend, and she was having a date with someone.

🙂🙂🙂🙂 okbye.


Eyqa Zq said…
I feel you girl. But being alone does not mean we can be happy on ourself right? Jomblo happy lah katakan. :D
Farhana Zukri said…
It's okay if you don't have someone. Just enjoy this phase of your life before finally meeting the right one ;)
E'in said…
sabar ye dik.. in shaa Allah one day you will get the greatest partner! :)