Wearing Hijab

Salaam and hi lovelies! How are you today? I hope each of you are doing well! :)

In today's post, I'd love to talk about hijab! :D So hijab is basically something that we use to cover our heads. We all know that wearing hijab, is one of the commandments in Islam, as Allah SWT mentions in Quran, 24:31, that we, women cannot display our beauty except what is apparent and we have to wear our hijab that covers our bosoms.

While fulfilling what is obligated on us to cover our aurah properly, wearing hijab also has some benefits in a few ways. Firstly, it will remind the believers to be modest. Modesty or being modest means that you are doing something in a proper limit, it is a sense of shame and shyness in human beings that prevents them from behaving badly towards others and encouraging others from doing evils or behaving badly towards each other. Wearing hijab is never a backward thing, plus with all the hijab style that we have from various brands now, you can always look fashionable while being a modest muslim woman. :)

Different kind of hijab

Besides, wearing hijab with any hijab style that you preferred also will help you to protect the heat from the body to be lost. Plus, we all know and we are always being warned of how dangerous the ultraviolet (UV) rays towards our skin as the UV rays might lead you to certain health problems such as eye damage, wrinkles, skin cancer. Hence, we were always reminded to protect our skin with sunscreen. So the same thing goes to our hair! Our hair also need to be protected because do you know that UV exposure towards the hair can break down the hair proteins? Losing this hair proteins can make your hair looking dull, dry, and weaken hair's tensile. Applying any hair cream or oil that has UV protection is good since the product that you use might have other benefits towards your hair, but if you are exposing to sun for too long, you gotta apply your hair cream or oil a few times to ensure a complete and better protection. Thus, applying hair cream for more healthy hair and wearing hijab at the same time when you're outside will help you a lot in keeping your hair to stay healthy and beautiful!

Other than that, wearing hijab is also good for hygienic purpose. I'm sure you don't want your hair to get dirty from the dust or something. Even some workers such as nurses, chefs, engineers, and etc, they wear head coverings for hygienic and safety purposes. 

So basically, you'll not only be rewarded by Him for following His commandment but you also can get other benefits such as health benefit by wearing hijab. There are many types of hijab style that have been designed, hence, you can choose any of them that you favor the most so you can wear it on your daily basis or any special event! :) xoxo


mamapp said…
Banyak kebaikan berhijab Salah satunya meniaga Maruah diri Dan keselamatan
Eeiou _ said…
You're so beautiful with hijab =)
E'in said…
kak e'in tak suke style turban tu.. huhu
Rasya said…
Wearing hijab is cool. your face would looks smaller lol said my Japanese friend