Missing The Old Days

#1 The thing that I miss the most is having my baba beside me, of course. Cuz who doesn't? I wish I could tell him many things. If you were here with me baba, there are so much things I wanna share with you. I still remember those days when I tried to adapt living my life without you, someone who really cared about me and family. When I attended my driving school and then when I wanted to have my lunch, I realized that I didn't have money with me. That I actually forgot or I didn't think about myself, like, hey I need money to go anywhere, because I need to eat and bla bla bla. Because you were the one who always reminded me about anything and gave me money for my food & stuff. Besides, you were the one who closed my door's room before you went to bed. You ensured the door was locked. You did that every night. And when you're not here anymore, I used to sleep without locking my door for a few times, because I forgot or, Idk. Maybe because I wasn't good enough at taking care of my own safety. Because previously I always had you to lock the door for me and cared about my safety. ;( But anyway I NEED to live my life without you (but baba I know you're watching me. I'll try to do the best I can in everything...:( ), and I have to always be strong. It's not that easy not having someone who usually pushes you to do something that's good for yourself, not having someone who says something that can go deeper into your heart that you'll usually keep his words forever, because it's just so true. Precious. You're in a better place baba. I love you.

#2 Being kinda nerdy, who spent most of her time by reading. Spent her money on books (and not makeups. Lol)! And also being in a bookstore for more than an hour choosing books! Haihh I miss being the old me so much. I liked reading so much. I wish I could be the old me back?! Cuz I realized that when I don't read, I don't have much ideas to talk, I mean to voice out my opinion especially in class. You know, we gotta feed our souls too.

#3 How I miss the old days when I spent my time writing to my penpals. Vika, Vikki, Wasif, Echa, Fatma. Sharing about the food, studies, experiences & stuff. Some of us shared the same dream, even. I miss those days when I was being super excited waiting for their replies and happy reading them all! :( Now I know it's actually my fault, yea somehow, cuz I just don't spend my time on it. I'll try. :)X I miss you guys so much.

#4 Being in high school!! Ahaha yeah, I know, who doesn't miss being superrr young, kan kan? So yea I graduated from high school three years ago (not so long...I guess) but really, there's actually a lil bit difference between the me in high school and the me in university. Lol. People change, I know. But lemme tell you, how the me in high school was like. Back then, I didn't really care about my handphone. It was out of battery, so what? I didn't care. When anyone asked me why I didn't reply their text, I'd answer "oh sorry, my phone was out of battery!" At that time, I was hmm I was happy living in my own world? Well, I loved my handphone. I mean I did text with Sarah (my deskmate in high school) almost every single day. (Hi Sarah, if you read this, I miss you! You're always the best gurl! X) OH OKAY BUT LEMME TELL YOU WHY I DIDN'T CARE MUCH BOUT IT. Um well I think, it was because I didn't have anyone special at that time. Hihu. I didn't have a crush on anybody and yes gal I was happier gal! ;D was innocent too! Haha. But happy!! I was kinda afraid or phobia with some men because of the cheating problems that I heard from my friend and some stories that I read on the internet. (Girls, if you could easily get influenced by something then you better dont read, ahhaha. I don't want you to feel the same because nice men still exist! XD)

#5 Spent so much time with my close cousins. Hey, so I have this two cousins that I'm close to since I was a kid. We played together and sang and danced toooogetherrrr! :D We went to school together. But as we're growing up, each of us are getting busy with studies and stuff, we rarely met. Our houses are really near but yeah we rarely met. As we grow up, we (or I) tend to just stay at home. Usually we only met on any event or during any family gathering, yknow, stuff like that. I wish we could be really close again. All of us are in three different fields. One in engineering, one in medicine and me..... who doesn't like numbers, is in laws. Haha. And I believe if three of us could be close like before we could share and learn many things from each other. It's gonna be really fun kan? ❤ But hey whenever we met, we did talk a lot and asked questions towards each other. How's study and stuff. It was always good to have a long and fun conversation with them! :) Anyway, that day I've asked one of them out and we had our brunch together. Ina, yes, we share the same name. Hehe. So Ina and I shared many stories and we laughed a lot! I had a great time with Ina on that day. We even planned to jog every morning in this break. Well, I'm quite happy for that and we'll see if im rajin enough or not! Heheheh. Ok, Badrina can!!

So ya guys, I think that's all for now. So, is there anything that you missed so much maybe in your good old times? You can share it in the comment below! ;)X


Adam said…
Everyone loves his/her baba.
Nice entry
This is surely a sad post :(
One of the things that I miss most in the past is my skill to write. I wish I can write like the way I used to </3
Mellya Musa said…
Yea lots of things in the past that i missed :(
Done follow here :D
mamapp said…
Alfatihah for your baba
E'in said…
Alfatihah to your baba.. be strong adik..
Badrina Ibtisam said…
Thank you everyone.. :)X