Haluu :p

Hi my dear blog and hiii everyone!!

I'm wondering if there's still anybody reading this krik krik blog heheh. --'

I'm currently on my 3 months of break from university life hehehheh. Well I just done with my foundation studies since May! Alhamdulillah!
I planned to blog in this super long break but.............. My laptop sometimes couldn't detect my home's wifi. :(
But I'm on my instagram most of the time tho, you can follow me on instagram if you want :p -> @badrinaibtisam

So hahaha. This is me on the first Eid of this year.

Lol okay, I hope to blog again soon! <3 I got alot of things to share and write on here. Doakan I dapat banyak idea and......................... rajin. :p xoxo


mamapp said…
Takpe.. mama.baca ni.hehe
Badrina Ibtisam said…
Hehe thanks semua! 🙏🏻