She's a girl

Sometimes she just wants you to show your love {orappreciation} towards herlike you used to do before
Not just simply SAYING {only} that you love, appreciate and care about her
Because words mean nothing if  you don't prove them by right actions.

Dear gentlemen, you said to her, "I love u, I care for you and I accept you for who you are"
But when she's sad you just asked her what happened
and she didn't talk much and you started to feel like you're done your job is done
You didn't try to ask her nicely, accompany her, make her feel better
and ask her again if there's something that she wants to share or something that you can help.

She won't mad at you if that's your natural behavior or if that's really how you are.
But the thing is, you were not like that.

You used to always call her beautiful,
Tell her how much she meant for you,
Won't easily get mad at her

Simple sweet things that you used to do before but now you don't.

You said people change. And at the same time you said "I still love you".
But do you think that someone that you said special to you  deserves to be treated like you treat your normal friends or random people? When you said she's the one and she's special to you.

Maybe you think it's been so long since the first day of being together
Maybe you think she's matured enough in a relationship that she doesn't need that kind of sweet things anymore

She's just a girl anyway,
She says that she doesn't care, she gets hurt but still she says "I'm okay".
But still,
She's a girl anyway,
She wants to be appreciated,
She wants to be loved and protected,
She likes to be called pretty,
She doesn't mind about your flaws as long as you're true to her and you show your effort
And in return she's hoping that you can accept all of her flaws too.