I wish you could read this.
I cuma tak sanggup to say all this directly to you. Because why? I don't want you to feel bored or mad or something. This fear stops me from directly telling you.

You know what? Since I kenal you and until now, maybe baru now, sebab it has been 1 year and plus, and lately, baru I sedar and learn something. That I need to accept everyone for who they are. I can't expect them to be like me or to have the same personality/interests like me. That's why we're made to complete each other kan? And that's why setiap orang ada cara dia tersendiri, you gotta learn. I can't be selfish. Cuz hello, Badrina? Semua orang tak sama. If you want people around you to understand you and accept you for who you are, you need to do the same thing. You need to be fair, Badrina.

And I'm very disappointed with myself, why didn't I understand you? You and me got different characters and so, I have to expect you acting according to your own character. Like you're an extrovert, and that person is an introvert or ambivert, you can't expect them to be like you??!

And what else that makes me become so disappointed? That I never appreciated your effort. Yeah I did, sometimes. But still, I made you sad for many times sebab perangai I yang degil, yang sikit-sikit nak merajuk sebab nak your attention. I'm so stupid, you know? I tak pernah mintak attention entah apa-apa macam ni with my non-family members. But with you, sebab I feel like you're my partner so you need to understand me. I can go crazy with you because I always know that you're gonna always accept and love me. But I forgot, you're also a human being, you got feelings. Sabar you pun ada limit.

I'm so sorry, for everything. Now I'm kind of trying to pujuk you, make you become so happy again. I'm trying.