Hello September!

It's Semptember and last Wednesday was my birthday xDD And also the day that I needed to sit for an examination for Thinking Skills. It was.... not that easy, tbh. Especially the part one!!

Let's just forget about it for awhile, and wait for the carrymarks that will be announced soon. Zzz.

I've requested a pavlova from my mom for my birthday cake. Unfortunately, the baker couldn't make it for a reason.
I felt like. crying.
Huhuhu. Before my mom told me that the baker can't bake it, a night before I got a dream that there was a half of pavlova left for me. And I was so sad in that dream since (in reality); I've told my mom not to let them (my siblings) have the pavlova before I come back. (:p :p)
Ah, yeah, I think the dream and the news I got a day after, were related.

My mom phoned me and asked what cake did I want.
Had no idea at that time, I answered, "cheesecake".
I love you, mom. I didn't really mind about the cake. Seeing you and the siblings, and having the food that you cook are way important to me! <3 x

By the way,
Thank you Dayana & Adah for the surprise that night tho!! I love the cakes, and cute candles. So cute ^,^ Having you guys makes me feel so loved and appreciated huhu God bless you beautiful girls!!
And actually Adah told me that they wanted to buy a pavlova for me (cuz she knew that the baker couldn't bake it for a reason), but they hadn't found it. ;( however, I felt so touched that they were actually trying to satisfy my appetite that is getting hyper these days, haha.

We are all September babies. :p <3

Thanks Dayana and Adah! xo

And I'll never forget a cute and lovely surprise that was made by my roommates on the same night. Singing a birthday song, with chocolate cake and candle. Guys please that was so lovely!! Thanks for the cake and chocolate! xo

And then I went back home on next day. God knows that I want to see my mom and siblings every single day. I used to think that how it would be when I become a mom, for sure I'll feel the same. ;(

So, here is the cheesecake!! Thank my mom, my love! xx

I share the same birthday with my lil sis, and my bro's birthday's on 4 Sept. That's why there were three names on the cake.

The cake was nice, :) :)<3 and again, I dont really mind because...........

Mom always makes delicious food.

The picture above was one of them. <3<3 xoxo