That day Adah and Dayana asked me to join them going to a food fest in Shah Alam. I wasn't feeling well at that time. Had sore throat, with my pale skin. Was too lazy to go anywhere, but since they were Adah and Dayana, it became hard for me to say NO.

Awwww. :p

So I managed to join them. And Dayana's sister picked us up at our mahallah, and sent us back to uia. Thanks to Dayana's sister!

I planned not to spend much, cuz I've spent alot days before T_T. Plus I went there only for the sake of my friends tho. Sometimes I think that it's the only way for me to know my friends better and create memories with them; by going out together!

So this padthai, everyone. Dayana bought padthai and we had it together.
It was my first time eating padthai.&&  It was so yummmms! (Y) (Y) Hehe.
But quite expensive. /;

Annddd we had cheese fries and takoyaki together. <3<3<3