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Officially a LLB Undergraduate

The journey has just started.....

So I've been in UIA Gombak for about a week already? Well, everything was OKAY so far.. But, my PIN got locked! Ahahah that's sad, I know. Cuz I've tried to log in for like thousand times but still couldn't get into the portal. I got no chill liddat, so I got locked... T_T So I'll settle this down by tomorrow. && I hope everything will be fine tomorrow and next tomorrow, next next tomorrow and for this 4 years of studies! Amiin inshaAllah!

Well why did I write about all that in the first paragraph tho hahaha =='
But hey Alhamdulillah, I'm officially a LLB IIUM undergraduate. Alhamdulillah. Dream comes true finally.. I've always wanted to read law here in IIUM since I was in my secondary school. IIUM is my dream university in Malaysia. It was not that easy journey I remember.. My dad passed away during my SPM, my SPM result was okay, but macam tak berapa nak menyebelahi I untuk ambik law, hee, went through ups an…

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