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Sephora Cream Lip Stain

Hello guys! I didn't plan to make a review about this. But watching this video makes me realize of how much I like this collection from Sephora! Saje je try that day, pastu aduhhh tersuka pulakkkk.

So yeah I like Sephora Cream Lip Stain that I tried on my lips yesterday! 😍😍 Forgot in which color. I rasa menyesal pula tak beli! 😄😄😂 The color and the texture, how it looks on your lips are so nice, macam rose petals! I like, so my kind! Belanja please! 😛🌹🌹
So, okay, here is what their website claimed about their cream lip stain :

Oh by the way, when I tried the cream lip stain, my lips quite dry at that time. But I think my lips looked just nice after applying the cream lip stain without reapplying my lip balm! Hehe. Anyway  I advice you to apply the lip balm first before applying the cream lip stain for a smooth application. :) I always do that before I apply any lipstick, lip cream especially. But as this sephora cream lip stain contains vitamin E, which I think helps me n…

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